Time Travel: A Concept That Creates New Possibilities While Questioning the Old!

Time- An Illusion

Time Travel a concept that states the possibility of moving between different points in time. For years people believed time to be a constant, but physicist Albert Einstein showed that time is an illusion. He termed time to be relative owing to the fact that it varies for different observers depending on their speed through space. Einstein termed time as the “fourth dimension” in a space that’s often termed as the three-dimensional area that helps a traveler with coordinates as length, width, and height. According to Einstein, time provides a fourth coordinate “direction,” though- it only moves forward.

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The possibility of Time Travel states a concept of turning back time and going in the past or turning time forward and traveling in the future. Scientists have pointed out that we all constantly time travel, but only in one direction. We all are moving 1 second at a time in the future and could go faster if wanted. Another theory by Albert Einstein- Theory of Special Relativity states that time speeds up or slows down based on how fast we are moving relative to something else. Approaching the speed of light, a person inside a spaceship will age much slower than his twin at home. Similarly, Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity states that gravity can bend time. These theories in-fact, make all astronauts time travelers as they return slightly younger.

Paradoxes & Theories That Make Time Travel Difficult!

Scientists have time and again discussed the possibility of time travel. Here are the major paradoxes and theories that suggest that traveling time in the past cannot be possible:

Law of Conservation

It has been argued that time travel will violate conservational laws. This means sending a certain mass back in time will increase the total amount of energy that exists at that time. That will, in turn, violate the conservation of energy. A conservation law states that the amount of stuff inside a small volume changes only when stuff flows in or out through the surface. However, a global conservation law does not assume that the stuff must flow through the surface. It integrates overall space and assumes that there is no flow in or out. This means that sending mass back in time will be all right, but it might imply that something strange is happening.

Law of Causality

Time travel does challenge not only the conservation law but also the law of causality- cause and effect. Which means that the occurrence of event happens such that the cause occurs before the effect. Now, if you imagine a different reality, in which a person dies of a gunshot wound before the gun being shot, it will change the reality. Thus, scientists believe that time travel in the past is impossible. For example, if you travel back in time before you were born, then you will exist in the universe even before being born. Thus, the effect i.e., you; has occurred before its first appearance the cause- your birth. This isn’t realistically possible.

Grandfathers Paradox

The Grandfather Paradox says that if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather, then you will never exist. It is on similar terms to the causality law, and scientists claim several theories to this paradox. They say that if you travel back in time and kill your grandfather before he met your grandmother because he created a ruined family that destroyed the world, then the existence of the whole family, including you- the time traveler will be a question. Theories also suggest that the occurrence of this event can take place in multiple scenarios:

TimeLine Protection Hypothesis– You try to kill your grandfather but are unable to as the gun malfunctioned. Your grandfather witnessed this, and the scar of this incident became the cause of the vicious dynasty. You became the reason why the present is the way it is. You caused the incident that you didn’t like and were about to change.

Multiple Universe Theories– After successfully killing your grandfather, you travel back to the present, but you land up in some alternate universe. The universe in which you never existed, and there is no sign of your lineage in the present. The timeline of your present has changed, and you erased a timeline where you never existed.

Let’s Kill Hitler Paradox

The Grandfather Paradox erases your existence from present, the Let’s Kill Hitler Paradox erases your reason to visit the past. When you go back in time to kill Hitler, you change your past as well as the past of society. You also erase the reason of why you traveled to the past. This means that if you are successful, there will be no reason for you to time travel in the first place.


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While these paradoxes clearly signify how it is nearly not possible to travel back in time. The theories have also suggested the possibility of astronauts traveling back in time. As of now, we all do get to travel in the future just by a second and live it to the fullest. Though, we can’t stop fantasizing about how great it will be to travel ahead in the future and know all the cool happenings in the world. Until then, its a mystery that only time will solve. Time travel has so far been a fiction for the world, and until the occurrence of any event or new scientific discoveries, it will be a far reality.

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