Spiritual Awakening: Here’s All You Need To Know About Tuning in To Your Higher Self!

Spiritual Awakening is often defined as the most confusing, isolating, and beautiful experience of life. It marks the beginning of your journey on the spiritual path. Without awakening we spend our lives in search of “happiness” unable to find it, ever. Spirituality is also defined as a quality of being beyond the physical or material domain of existence.

What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual Awakening is an awakening of dimensions beyond ego. Ego is further defined as a sense of self or “I.” The awakening occurs when the ego let’s go and a higher self-rise within. Spiritual awakening usually occurs at unexpected times, which means no one can plan or implement the awakening process. But the good thing is that it happens when you need it the most.

Once you experience spiritual awakening you can see through the lies and illusions of this world. You begin to realize that nothing external can give you true happiness. We question our old beliefs, habits, and social conditioning. Questions like, “What is the purpose of life?” “What happens after death?” begin to surface.

Why Spiritual Awakening?

Many have questioned why spiritual awakening happens? They happen as a natural product of your soul evolving, maturing, and expanding. Just as every other thing grows, so does our connection with souls. The more connection you have with your soul, the more transformation you experience. The true joy, happiness, and contentment begin to manifest in your life. The process maybe painful and disturbing at first, but it ultimately helps you to live a more fulfilling life.

Common Signs of Spiritual Awakening

The common signs in which spiritual awakening manifests in a person are mostly in the way they perceive and experience the world around them. One of the main signs or symptoms of an awakened individual is that they don’t perceive the world as others. Here are the signs the show spiritual awakening:

Intensified Perception

Spiritually awake people visualize the world in a child-like manner. They are struck by wonder, beauty, and intricacy of the wonders that other people take for granted. They observe things that other people don’t pay much attention to; the world is a brighter, fascinating, and a more beautiful place for them. The intensity of the perception can be experienced in the form of heightened sensitivity or openness in experience.

Increased Presentness/ Timelessness

Spiritual awakening also brings a different perception of time or a shift in time orientation. The past and future become significantly less important, and the present is all that is important. Awakened individuals spend much less time in recalling past events or looking in the future. They focus on present experiences or the surroundings and people they are with and the sensations they have.

Harmony and Connect

At lower intensity, a person may not be able to see this or be aware of it, but spiritual awakening brings a sense of aliveness. For the awakened person, every natural phenomenon that isn’t alive like clouds, sea, or manmade objects like buildings shine with radiant aliveness of spirit. They feel a sense of harmony with nature; their spiritual energy pervades all things and creates a sense of oneness and connectedness.

A New Self

During spiritual awakening the inner life changes, people often experience a shift in how they feel inside and the psychological experience. The shift changes people so profoundly that they feel that they have got a new life.

Inner Peace

With spiritual awakening comes the reduction of the inner noise of our thoughts. In a normal state, the thoughts constantly stream through our minds. These thoughts are such a normal part of our daily experience that we take it for granted and consider it usual. We don’t realize how powerfully they affect us; it disturbs our inner world, and gives rise to negative emotions. The spiritually awake people experience much less thought activity in their minds.

Empathy and Compassion

The spiritually awake people have high levels of empathy and compassion in them. They feel connected to nature, other human beings, and even animals. They can see, experience, and feel what the other person is feeling. They are touched by another person’s pain and feel connected with them.


Well-being is the most obvious symptom of spiritually awake beings. They not necessarily live in a state of complete bliss but are generally much content. This comes from the disconnect and worrying about the past and the future and living in the present. They are less prone to negative states like boredom, loneliness, and dissatisfaction.

Absence of or decreased fear of Death

Spiritually awake beings are generally braver. They don’t fear the future or the past, not even death. As the ego of the spiritually awake beings isn’t the center of their universe, thus death doesn’t scare them. They know their death isn’t the end of all things; the world that is a part of their identity will continue.

Wide Perspective

Spiritually awake beings have a wide sense of perspective. They aren’t preoccupied with their personal problems and don’t have a limited outlook. They are open to different viewpoints and perspectives.

Heightened Sense of Morality

The wide perspective has moral implications as well; they are more ethical and responsible. Spiritually awake beings are more compassionate. Their morality and sensibility aren’t limited to the individuals they know, but they behave the same with everyone around them.

These are few of the signs of spiritual awakening. The idea is to remember that when you feel uncomfortable or feel a shift in your behavior pattern, chances are you are being led towards a better state of being.

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