Soulmates And The Signs You Have Found One!

Mythology suggests that the human body was split in two, and these two parts were supposed to find each other. When they find each other, they unite such that their soul and body become one. However, the idea that you look for your lost half isn’t that fulfilling. Especially when you believe in the idea that you are already complete. Thus, a soulmate can be best defined as a person who uplifts your soul, makes you happier, helps you grow in every field of life. Therefore, here are the signs that imply that you have found your one:


A chaotic or busy day makes you feel the need to look out for this one person. You feel relaxed around him/her, all your anxieties and worries take a back seat when you are with this person. The worst of days become better when your soulmate is around. You don’t have to think twice, the thought of them does wonders to your mood.


No doubt you already are complete, but the shortcomings or the flaws that you have are complemented by this person. He/she is able to do the things you can’t and feel things that you don’t. This happens because you both can learn from each other and complete each other.


You and your soulmate fight like any other person, but those fights don’t last long. You fight like adults, which means being open to discussions. You have different opinions and discuss them with one another and talk it out. When there is a need for forgiveness, you do that quickly.


The reason soulmates feel the perfect fit with each other because they both care for each other’s happiness first. Their happiness feels like your own, and it doesn’t matter how much you give up for each other. You try and make them feel as comfortable as possible, and both your love is giving. Which makes you both feel happy individually.

Respect The Differences

Your differences aren’t a reason for you to fight, but to grow. You respect and admire the differences you have. You try to learn from the other person as much as you can. You discuss the opinions, and they matter. You don’t judge each other but are acceptable to it.


You respect each other’s space and alone time. You understand the need for them to be alone, even you take your time when needed. You cherish it, you know it’s important to grow individually to grow together. You don’t constantly check on your soulmate when they ask for alone time; instead, you give it to them.

Same Goals

Having differences is healthy for any relationship, but your fundamental attributes are the same. You don’t share the same belief about everything, but the basic principles and aspects of living your life should be similar. Having similar goals connect you two together, and you respect and empathize with the other person more.

You Know Their Thoughts

This might sound a bit over the top, but it happens. You almost always know what the other person is thinking. You complete each other’s sentences. You connect with each other on a deeper telepathic level. You are able to complete the sentences because you know how their brain functions.

You Feel It

You know that this person is the one for you, without any questions. You don’t look at anyone else, you find them enough. You know intuitively that they are the one for you. No matter what you do or where you are, things get better when you two are together. You can feel that you have found the one, you are happiest around them

Fate Has It

You can see signs as if fate is hell-bent on getting you two together. If you aren’t together, you keep bumping into each other out of nowhere. You randomly find each other at parties, events, coffee shops, etc. It seems like it is meant to be, and when you realize it, you can’t help but be together.

Theories also suggest that there can be more than one soulmate for one person if you have found your one- congratulations! If not, don’t worry, keep building yourself, and grow yourself. You will know it when they come around.

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