Here’s To the ‘Sis Code’: For Friendships Are Forever!

We have all heard about the ‘Bro Code’ – a term popularized by “Barney Stinson,” which defines the rules that bind the friendship of men. It is a code of conduct to be followed among men, a set of rules that they have to abide by under all circumstances. It is a rulebook that defines how not to hurt your friends, and maintain the code of friendship. Thus, here is the ‘Sis Code’ for all the wonderful females out there. Many of us follow these rules silently, but here it is a stated code of conduct. For all the times, ‘ women wonder if the other girl has their back- the answer is yes!

1)     Be Her Cheerleader

There are times when your friend or sis or any other woman for that matter needs some cheering. Make sure to be the one who cheers and gives this girl all the assurance she needs. You know it when you see it- the girl is trying hard to get through the day, to love herself. Haven’t we all been there? Well, all you need to do is reassure her, make her happy, tell her that she looks amazing. You will make her happy, and you will be proud.

2)     You Have Her Covered

Whether it’s lying about where your sis was, or it’s helping her with a hairpin or dress malfunction. Help your girl or even strangers in times of need. You know the kind of struggles girls go through on a daily basis. Chocolate on the day of her period or a sanitary pad, offer her the help she needs. Let the women feel safe and helped with the girls around. Let her know that you have her covered. Small gestures will go a long way!

3)     Make Her Feel Safe

This one is for all the times when a girl faces unwanted attention, or some random boy bothers her on the dance floor. If you notice it- pretend by all means to know that girl. Let her and others around know that she isn’t alone. Dramatize the situation if you have to by exclaiming that you have seen her after long and was missing her. Be there for her until the boy bothering her doesn’t back off.

4)     Say No To Your Friend’s Ex

This one is the basic rule of feminism and a big one. If your friend has dumped a guy, never ever date him. There is a reason why your friend broke up with him; he broke your friend’s heart. It’s your job to hate him more than she does. Dating is out of the question!

5)     Inform A Girl If She Is Cheated On

Adultery is a common phenomenon in the dating world. If you come across any guy who has been cheating his girl and you know about it, it’s your duty to inform the girl. Nobody should be treated like that, not your friend, not any girl. Inform her and abide by your moral responsibility. If she dumps him good, if not- respect her decision.

6)     Empower Don’t Compete

Power struggles among girls, finding out who is the popular one- is good only for the movies. Real-life doesn’t function like that; you should and must, by all means, empower other women. If there is another woman who is doing good in academics, or at work – praise her. Be happy for her, learn from her if you want to- don’t go back bitching about her. Don’t start a cat-fight or try to demean her. Life is a journey, not a competition; only a few women are able to make it to the top; they need your support and praise.

7)     Don’t Leave Her Alone While Drunk

Yes, you aren’t her guardian, but if she needs you, you have to be there for her. When another girl is drunk or out of her senses, be with her as a responsible human being. Don’t call her a cab, accompany her home. Make sure she is hydrated; make sure she doesn’t dial an ex. Prepare her a hangover drink if you have to, don’t leave her alone.

8)     Be Honest About Her Makeup

If you think her makeup is overdone or underdone, tell her. When a girl asks you about her makeup, tell her the truth. Help her fix it, it’s your job to make your girl look the best version of herself. You know she will act the way she feels, help her look confident. This rule should be abided even for the girls you don’t know.

9)     Don’t Body Shame Her

Body shaming should be avoided for everyone, let alone a girl. When it comes to your girl, motivate her for healthier living without body-shaming her. You know well enough that the world might already be doing it. The unrealistic beauty standards set by the industry is hard to achieve, let her know that. Tell her she is beautiful because She IS!

10)  Support Her

Support her in whichever way you can. If she needs some extra reassurance about her looks- give her that. If she is feeling low because of her mood swings you should manage those. Watch a movie, treat her with chocolates or flowers, buy her a drink or food. If she is going through a break-up help her heal. If she needs a helping hand in her work, be the help. Tell her that you love her. Do whatever you can to empower, support, and make your girl feel good about herself.

Remember, these are the ‘Sis Code’ for women friendships. Follow them, and you will have the best friendships for life. Make this world a better place for you and your squad!

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