COVID-19 & Religion: The Virus Is Making Us Rethink Our Priorities!

Coronavirus outbreak is making the world go insane- nobody knows when this will end. All everyone is doing is hoping for the vaccine to be available for the public as soon as possible. Out of the many things that COVID-19 has done to the world, one is – rethinking and redefining our priorities. The things we felt were most important for us have now changed. The most important thing right now is – Living.

COVID-19 And Faith

A behavioral trend has been observed between a calamity and faith. It’s a popular notion that whenever a catastrophe occurs, people rush to religion for relief. According to Gallup research, less than 40% of Americans have believed that religion influences their lives. However, this changed after the attack of 9/11, after which faith in God shot up to 71%.

But history shows that the 14th-century bubonic plague outbreak in Europe impacted religion a bit differently. The religious leaders contended that the plague was a punishment from God for a sinful life. Prayers, penance for sins was considered a way to protect oneself from the epidemic. But as the outbreak continued, people started losing faith in religion. The belief in God remained as it is, but accentuated anger towards religious hierarchy in Europe. This resulted in the biggest revolution: the reformation movement.

COVID-19 will shake religious beliefs or reaffirm faith in God, is yet to be witnessed. However, the report of people gathering for religious activities is an indication of the misunderstanding about the disease. It is costing the lives of people and affecting everyone around. Humans always look for solace in times of distress; religious leaders have always used these moments to make their presence felt.

COVID-19 And Data Privacy

The next impact the pandemic is having is of data. In 2019, the world was quite particular about sharing their personal information. Google and Apple- the tech giants already collect users’ data for advertising and marketing purposes. The same companies are now also using location data and providing it to government and health authorities.

In various places, there are ‘Quarantine Lists’ uploaded on official websites by the places affected by the virus the most. This list gives out personal information, such as phone numbers and residential addresses. It is an effort to prevent the spread but could be used by miscreants using this data for other purposes.

The question is, will this data sharing be okay, once the pandemic is over? Nobody knows the answer, but it has sure made us not care much about our privacy.

COVID-19 And Cyber Crime

Cybercrime is another obvious threat that lies with people working from home. The possibility of protected and secure LANs is low, which means our personal and professional information is at risk at all times. Pandemic or not, cybercrime might also be looming our heads.

Health- is a top priority for everyone around and rightly so, it shows the lack of preparedness and investments in the health sector. We weren’t prepared for this pandemic, and are struggling to contain and overcome it. The pandemic has undoubtedly led us to rethink our priorities, reset our focuses, and reanalyze our lives.

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